CAES Crosspoint Switch

The UT65CML8X8FC, 3.125Gbps Crosspoint Switch, is a high-speed, protocol independent switch.

Ideal uses include:

  • High-speed serial repeater
  • Signal distribution 
  • Primary and redundant switching 
  • Port replications 
  • Space VPX data plane switching applications

Our UT65CML8X8FC Crosspoint Switch is compatible with the VITA 78 standard by virtue of its enhanced redundancy and fault tolerance, which are critical attributes for HiRel Space systems.

CAES UT65CML8X8FD Evaluation Board

For customer experience and ease of use, we offer an evaluation board, UT64CML8X8FD-EVB, that provides a comprehensive platform for evaluating the crosspoint switch.  To help facilitate the setup, a software graphical user interface is available.

Key Tech Specs
  • Features:
  • 8 x 8, Full-Duplex, Crosspoint Switch Matrix

  • Data Rates up to 3.125Gbps per Channel

  • Protocol Independent

  • Low Propagation Delay (Latency)

  • Low Channel-to-Channel Skew

  • SPI Port Control Interface for Ease of Use

  • Diagnostic Serial Loopback Mode

  • Separate Power Domains per Bank

  • Power Down Feature for Unused Lanes

  • Loss of Signal (LOS) Detect

  • Adjustable 50 Ohm High-Speed Terminations

  • Applications:
  • High-Speed Serial Repeater and Distribution

  • Primary and Redundant Data Switching/Cross-Strapping

  • High-Speed Data Mux & Demux

  • L&S Band RF D2D/JESD204B Buffering and Muxing

  • SDR, UHF, SAR, Phase-Array Radar Data Buffering and Muxing

  • Space VPX (VITA78) Data Plane Switching and Cross-Strapping

  • Operational Environment:
  • Temperature Range: -55°C to +105°C

  • TID: <100 krad (Si)

  • SEL Immune: ≤100 MeV-cm2/mg

  • SEU Rate: <1 x E-10 errors/bit-day

  • Physical:
  • 143-pin CLGA, CBGA, CCGA
  • Flight Grade:
  • QML-Q, QML-V
  • SMD Number:
  • 5962-17213


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