Frontgrade to Enable Critical Infrastructure for Next Generation Lunar Landers

ARLINGTON, Va. – CAES, a leading provider of mission critical electronics for aerospace and defense, was selected by Astrobotic, a space robotics company, to supply flight control processors and critical infrastructure microelectronics for the Peregrine and Griffin lunar landers that will study the surface of the Moon. With the industry’s largest portfolio of radiation hardened products specifically designed for space, this new mission marks a return trip to the moon for CAES microelectronics.

“We chose CAES’ processor because it provides the dual cores we require for simultaneous mission computing, partnered with its low-power consumption, proven flight history and the expert technical support we received from the development team,” said Sharad Bhaskaran, Astrobotic’s Peregrine Mission One Director. “The processor complemented by other CAES RadHard microelectronics brings exceptional space computing capability to our missions and enables us to build in scalable functionality using proven, low risk interoperable devices from a single assured supplier.”

“CAES is excited that our radiation hardened ecosystem is returning to the moon where it will join other CAES microelectronics currently on Mars and throughout the solar system,” said Dave Young, Chief Technology Officer, CAES. “For over 60 years, space has been at the heart of what we do. Astrobotic’s lunar landers are helping to usher a new era in space missions to the moon and we’re pleased to join forces.”

Astrobotic’s Peregrine lander is expected to land on the Moon in 2022, and its Griffin lander carrying NASA’s water-hunting Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) is expected to land in 2023.

CAES’ GR712RC, a LEON3FT SPARC V8 processor, will serve as the mission flight computer and will provide low power, multi-core capability. Also embedded in each mission’s flight control suite are several other CAES’ radiation hardened devices including SpaceWire PHYs, CAN Transceivers and NOR Flash Memory. This suite of technology delivers advanced computing capabilities and uses standard interfaces for scalable performance and ease of design, enabling the addition of even more capability to future missions while maintaining the same basic infrastructure of the original lander.

About CAES

CAES is a pioneer of advanced electronics for the most technologically challenging military and aerospace trusted systems. As the largest provider of mixed-signal and radiation-hardened technology to the United States aerospace and defense industry, CAES delivers high-reliability RF, microwave and millimeter wave, microelectronic and digital solutions that enable our customers to ensure a safer, more secure planet. On land, at sea, in the air, in space and in cyberspace, CAES’ extensive electronics and enhanced manufacturing capabilities are at the forefront of mission-critical military and aerospace innovation.


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