Dipoles, Cross-Dipoles, Bicones, and Discones

Frontgrade manufactures dipole antennas for a variety of terrestrial and airborne applications.

Frontgrade Dipole Antennas provide highly efficient, wideband coverage, with radiation patterns that are omnidirectional in the azimuth plane, allowing a 360° field of view. Our dipole antennas support:

  • Airborne and Terrestrial IFF
  • WLAN
  • VHF/UHF/L-Band Communications

Dipole designs are also available as high gain co-linear arrays.

For high power applications, omni-directional slot arrays are offered.

For broadband requirements, Frontgrade can provide integrated dual-band designs as well as bicone and discone antennas with similar azimuth coverage requirements

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Dipole Antenna

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