Frontgrade offers the highest density and highest performing NAND device in the space industry. 

The UT81NDQ512G8T, 4Tb NAND flash based on the Triple-Level Cell (TLC) NAND technology delivers 32 times the density of the closest competing device available in a single industry standard JEDEC 132 BGA package. 

The UT81NDQ512G8T is Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) 4.0 compliant and supports up to 667MT/s throughput (read/write) per pin.  With access to unparalleled storage capacity, designers can significantly increase sensor and digital signal processing throughput in space instruments such as solid-state drives and recorders, reconfigurable computing systems and imaging and communications data buffering applications.


The UT81NDQ512G8T-KU060-EVB evaluation development board provides for a rapid prototyping platform interfacing to the Alpha Data KU060 kit utilizing the Xilinx KU060 Ultrascale FPGA.  The EVB provides access to a single NAND through a VITA 57.1 compatible FMC and has options to startup the I/O at 1.8V or 1.2V.

Key Tech Specs
  • Features:
  • 4Tb Density
  • 3.3 V Core and 1.8 V, 1.2V I/O Supply Voltage
  • Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) 4.0 Compliant
  • Triple-Level Cell (TLC) Technology
  • Organization
    • Page Size:      x8 18,592 Bytes
    • Block Size:    2304 Pages
    • Plane Size:    4 planes x 504 blocks
    • Device Size:  16,128 Blocks
  • Synchronous I/O Performance
    • NV-DDR2 Support (533MT/s  r/w throughput per pin)
    • NV-DDR3 Support (667MT/s  r/w throughput per pin)
  • Asynchronous I/O Performance
    • tRC/tWC:  20 ns (min)
  • Array Performance
    • Read Page:  74 uS (typical)
    • Program Page:  1900 uS (typical)
    • Erase Block:  15 ms (typical)
  • Data Retention:  JESD47G Compliant
  • Endurance:  
    • 3 K Program/Erase Cycles (TLC mode)
    • 40 K Program/Erase Cycles (SLC mode)
  • Applications:
  • Solid-State Drives
  • Solid-State Recorders
  • Reconfigurable Computing
  • Imaging and Communications Data Buffering
  • Space Computing
  • Operational Environment:
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Total Ionizing Dose: <50 krad (Si)
  • SEL Immune: ≤55 MeV-cm2/mg
  • Physical:
  • 132-Pin Plastic Ball Grid Array, JEDEC
  • 12 mm x 18 mm, 1.0 mm pitch
  • Power:
  • <300mW (typical per active die)
  • Flight Grade:
  • PEM-INST-001 (NASA-EEE-INST-002) – Level 2
  • Export Control Classification Number (ECCN):
  • EAR99


Defense Logistics Agency


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